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Colombian Haze

This strain is quite famous - and with good reason! The creative, high-energy buzz provided by this Sativa strain is well worth waiting for the flowers to form. Patients who choose to medicate with this strain do so mostly for depression, lack of appetite, anxiety, pain, and stress. Columbian Haze is also used for those who have a low sex drive, since it creates feelings of uplifting and arousal along with happiness, creativity, and euphoria. A great high that does not take away your motivation for things that need to be done, this strain is slow to burn. Along with dry eyes and dry mouth, this powerful strain can also cause paranoia in some smokers, so it is not for the weak of heart. Its appearance is an extremely sticky light green color which is covered in tricomes. The aroma of Columbian Haze is rich and earthy, yet sweet with the hint of lemons.

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