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Cherry Bomb is the hard hitting, big yielding marijuana strain from Bomb Seed Bnka. The result of crossing the monster yielding Big Bomb with a unique and fruity mother means growers can expect an explosion of flavour and maximum yields. As the name would suggest Cherry Bomb marijuana seeds have a sweet, fruity aroma which is matched by the distinctive cherry taste. Reminding of summer fruits mixed with the classic skunk undertones. The buzz starts with an initial head high, settling down into a deep and calming body stone that won’t knock you out for the count. It has a heavy bud structure thanks to its Big Bomb heritage, growing to a medium height of around 100-120cm. The perfect strain for both indoor and outdoor setups, growers can expect to yield 600-650g/m² with an 8-10 week flowering time. Outdoors, Cherry Bomb cannabis weed seeds will finish late September – early October. Later in the flowering cycle leaves can change their colour to purple / cherry colour with glistening buds.


Type: Indica/Sativa (mostly Indica)     

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor

Plant Height: Medium (100-120cm)     

Indoor Flowering: 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Outdoor: Late Sep-Early Oct

Yield: High (600-650g/m²)     

Stoned/High: Relaxing Indica Stone

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